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 Belmont Business Park Logo

The colourful Belmont Business Park logo is made up of stylised lines representing the connection of the roads and networks in the area to form the letters BBP – Belmont Business Park.

These circles and colours together reflect the flow of energy and movement created by businesses from within the Belmont Business Park.

This collaboration of innovative and successful businesses is the aspirational intent of the Belmont Business Park.

The Belmont Business Park colour palette is linked to the City of Belmont corporate and business colours contained in the City’s Style Guide.


The City of Belmont encourages approved businesses within the Belmont Business Park to display the Belmont Business Park logo.

The Belmont Business Park logo can be used on your organisation’s marketing and business materials to complement and enhance your communications and to help promote this strategic business hub as a collective brand.

The logo was developed to bring a strong identity to the area and the City encourages approved businesses to use this with maximum impact in combination with your own business logo.

Approval for use of the Belmont Business Park logo must be sought from the City of Belmont.

To obtain a copy of the logo, or for more information please contact:

Lisa Bradley
Marketing & Communications Manager
City of Belmont
Phone: 9477 7232