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 Awards and Funding

The City of Belmont encourages the business community to celebrate their achievements and supports a number of awards to recognise outstanding performance. The City's new funding program, the Belmont Business Innovation Grants offers local businesses the opportunity to apply for funding for innovative ideas - another way the City of Belmont is supporting the local business community.


Belmont Business Innovation Grants

Applications welcome all year round.

These grants aim to support innovative business activities and contribute further to the City's already thriving and competitive economic environment. Please click on the above link for more information.

Belmont S​mall Business Awards​

The City of Belmont is a sponsor to the annual Belmont Small Business Awards which are hosted each year by the Belmont Business Enterprise Centre. The awards have been held for over 20 years and are open to businesses across Western Australia. Please contact the Belmont BEC for more information.