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 Aboriginal Reference Committee

The purpose of the Aboriginal Reference Committee (ARC) is to provide a forum and opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members and local stakeholders to be able to provide recommendations and feedback in regards to the implementation, ongoing monitoring and review of the City of Belmont’s Reconciliation Action Plan 2015-2017 (RAP).

Broadly, the ARC will support the City of Belmont to meet the relevant Social Belmont actions in the Council’s Strategic Community Plan 2012 to 2032, in particular those parts of the Plan that relate to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. In addition, the ARC provides a vital link and facilitates an important consultative role amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, the City of Belmont Council and staff.

The Aboriginal Reference Committee meets bi-monthly at the City of Belmont Civic Centre. Community members meet with City’s officers on alternative months as well.

Aboriginal Reference Committee - Terms of Reference

Aboriginal Reference Committee – Expression of Interest

Aboriginal Reference Committee – Meeting Dates 2019

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Please contact the City's Community Development team on 9477 7219 if you have any further queries.