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Picture of mermaid public art

 Public Art

The City of Belmont is committed to developing an integral strategy and policy for the ongoing provision of public art in our City.

Public Art Directions and Masterplan 2011-2015

‘Public Art Directions and Masterplan 2011-2015’ aims to create a signature identity for the City which will reinforce and enhance its reputation and vision as a leader in contemporary art and culture. The proposed systemic incorporation of Public Art via the City of Belmont’s Public Art Program will facilitate a distinct and diverse collection of temporary and permanent artworks in public places which illuminate, celebrate and contribute to Belmont’s unique culture.

Public Art Directions and Masterplan 2011-2015

The Springs Public Art Strategy

The Public Art Advisory Panel (PAAP) believe it is important that there is a consistent and transparent approach when approving public art for The Springs, resulting in an array of different types of quality artworks.

‘The Springs - Public Art Strategy’ aims to provide a framework for the development of public art within The Springs precinct contributing towards the quality and amenity of the public realm.

The Springs Public Art Strategy


Private Developer Public Art Process - Local Planning Policy No.11

The City of Belmont requires all development proposals within the Policy Area of a value greater than $4.5 million (four and a half million dollars) to provide public art no less than one per cent of the value of the eligible proposal. 

Please view Local Planning Policy No.11 for further information.

To assist developers in their requirements, a 'Public Art Developer Contribution- Information Sheet' has been developed to provide guidance on the public art approval process. The document can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

Public Art Developer Contributions - Information Sheet

Additional forms required include:

Artwork Design Application 

Notification of Art Work Completion



Contact Us

For further enquiries please call the Coordinator Community Placemaking, Ryan Del Casale on telephone 9477 7184 or email