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 Street Performers

The City of Belmont greatly values the diversity of entertainment street performers provide in the public realm and welcomes your application.

Artistic and cultural life is integral to Belmont as a creative City. The City of Belmont encourages performers from all backgrounds, abilities and through different mediums to showcase their craft in the City.

While the City of Belmont recognises the valuable contribution street entertainment performances make to the life and vitality of the city, it also recognises the importance of having a structured framework in place to minimise complaints and other issues relating to the ambience and amenity of the City’s public realm.

The Guidelines for Street Performers and Performance Pitches below provide this framework to assist performers, businesses and residents in understanding the considerations for street performances.

The aim is to foster an environment that encourages and enables a range of street performances to thrive in our City.

Please complete the application located here and forward to​ Application permits are free of charge.

For all enquiries relating to the Belmont Forum Dining Precinct stage located on Belmont Avenue, please contact the Belmont Forum Centre Management Office on 9277 6544.

For further information, please contact the City of Belmont’s Placemaking Officer on 9477 7409 or email​

street performer square.jpg  street performer square performance pitches.jpg