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 Access and Inclusion Advisory Group

As a precautionary measure, all City of Belmont events have been cancelled until further notice following Federal Government directives that all organised, non-essential gatherings not proceed to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus. The safety, health and wellbeing of our local community is our top priority. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

We recommend you keep up-to-date with the City’s response to COVID-19 and impacts on future events via our official channels, being the City’s website and social media. 


The City of Belmont’s Access and Inclusion Advisory Group (AIAG) was established to support the implementation of the City’s Access and Inclusion Plan.

The general purpose of the AIAG is: 

  • To provide a forum and opportunity for community members to be able to provide recommendations and feedback with regard to the implementation of the City of Belmont Access and Inclusion Plan (AIP), through the ongoing monitoring and review of the AIP. 

  • For the City to provide information on the progress of the AIP implementation process and to keep community members updated about new initiatives to improve accessibility and inclusivity across the City of Belmont.

The AIAG meetings are held regularly at the City of Belmont Civic Centre. If you would like information about this group or would be interested in joining the group, click on the below links or contact us.

Access and Inclusion Advisory Group - Terms of Reference

Advisory Group Guidelines

Access and Inclusion Advisory Group - Member Expression of Interest form

Access and Inclusion Advisory Group - Meeting Dates 2020

Contact Us 


For more information, please contact the Seniors and Disability Engagement Officer on 9477 7149 or by email