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 Emergency Preparedness

Like most areas in Western Australia, the City of Belmont has identified a range of emergencies and natural disasters its community may be susceptible to.
Whilst natural disasters cannot be prevented there are steps that residents can take to better prepare themselves and their property.  The City has an active Local Emergency Management Committee that plans for the management of, and the recovery from, these emergency situations.
Information on how to prepare yourself and your property for emergencies can be found below - click on the heading for further information.

Fire Prevention

Information about bush firebreaks, fire control and firebreak notices.

Information about the City of Belmont State Emergency Service including roles, volunteering opportunities and contact details.
Advice on preparing your property for emergencies including bushfires, storms and floods. Emergency contact numbers and links for more information.
Information about the City of Belmont’s Local Emergency Management Arrangements and Committees.