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Picture of a group of walkers

 Walking Maps and Events

Walking is a great way to experience the City of Belmont, and provides a range of important health benefits.

Getting Started

  • Make walking part of your day. Find a place and time that suits you and make it part of your routine
  • Stay motivated.  Walk with your dog, friend, family or why not join a walking group. Try different walks, use a pedometer or take a portable media player with you.
  • Set yourself realistic goals and reward yourself.


The nine links below are individual walking maps from right across the City, so there’s sure to be one in your local area.

Belmont Walk 1- Tomato Lake

Belmont Walk 2 - Centenary Park

Belmont Walk 3 - Kuljak Island

Belmont Walk 4 - Redcliffe Walk

Belmont Walk 5 - Garvey Park Ramble

Belmont Walk 6 - Garvey Park to Riverside Gardens

Belmont Walk 7 - Faulkner Park to Severin Walk (Map unavailable)

Belmont Walk 8 - Riverwalk

Belmont Walk 9 - Faulkner Park

Garvey Park Nature Walk



There are no upcoming walking events.