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Our playgrounds cater for different ages of children and incorporate different methods of play according to the child’s stage of development. The City of Belmont currently has 48 playgrounds within its parks and reserves. Some of our more popular playgrounds are;

  • Volcano Playground at Faulkner Park
  • Garvey Park Ardara Equipment
  • Tomato Lake Space Net
  • Adachi Park Junior Playground
  • Peet Park Microspider
  • Peachey Park Adventure Bike Track
Please visit our Parks Search page for further details.
Picture of Volcano Playground

Volcano Playground

Volcano Playground at Faulkner Park is close to Belmont Oasis Leisure Centre providing access to toilets and a café. It is surrounded by the Faulkner Park lake network, adjacent to Ruth Faulkner Public Library and across the road from Belmont Forum Shopping Centre. 

The playground has a number of barbecues, benches, picnic tables and shade sails and is fully enclosed. It incorporates water play, flying play, sand play, theme play and a toddler playground. The theme is a ruined village with a central volcano. 

A footpath spirals to the top of the volcano where mist emerges simulating smoke and there are slides down the slope. Foggers are located amongst the palms and stepping stones and there are four jumping jewels where water shoots out from the ground in a ball for the kids to try to catch.  

Flying play

The cableway is a flying fox with disabled access ramp which swings the kids across the area and catapults them back. There are two sets of swings for both younger and older children.

Sand play

There is a shaded sand pit area with two sand tables and two backhoe sand excavators for the kids to sit on. 

Themed play

There is a ship wreck with 3D animals such as crocodiles, sharks and turtles coming out of the softfall for the kids to play on. There are totem poles, big Easter island tribal heads and the footpath has horse shoe marks pressed into the concrete. 

Toddler play

The shaded toddlers playground contains lots for toddlers to do and play on, including Spica, Spinning bowl, Cubbyhouse, Ship with water-ski, binoculars, megaphones and mini slide.

Volcano Playground is an extremely popular playground. It is used by both residents and visitors to the City.