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 Pay Parking Infringements

Parking Infringement disputes


An infringement notice issued may be reviewed by the City if the recipient claims special circumstances led to the offence and can provide proof of these circumstances.


Examples of extenuating circumstances where an infringement notice may be withdrawn include (but are not limited to):

  • a broken down vehicle emergency
  • a car accident emergency
  • a hospital emergency or
  • the vehicle was stolen.

In such circumstances, documentary proof must be provided with your written appeal.


When parking, it is the responsibility of the driver to make themselves aware of any parking restrictions and local laws relating to parking. As such, the following are generally not considered justifiable reasons to withdraw an infringement:

  • did not see the sign(s)
  • sign was confusing
  • appointment went overtime
  • there was not much traffic around at the time of parking so thought it would not affect anyone
  • did not think the vehicle was causing an obstruction; or
  • did not know the parking local laws.

Appealing a parking infringement


Should you wish to have our parking infringement reviewed due to extenuating circumstances or because you feel you did not commit an offence, you may submit a written appeal.


Your correspondence must be in writing and should be submitted by letter to:

Chief Executive Officer
City of Belmont
Locked Bag 379

Appeals to withdraw a parking infringement must be lodged within fourteen (14) days of the date the infringement.


The City will only accept a request from the driver of the vehicle to which the infringement relates. Requests will not be accepted verbally by phone or in person at the Administration Centre. A request may only be accepted by email if all required information and documentation are supplied (see below). Email appeals should be sent to


Canvassing of representatives of the city may exclude your application from being processed.


Details of the infringement that need to be included in your correspondence are:

  • Name and address;
  • Infringement number;
  • Date of notice;
  • Vehicle registration number;
  • Photocopies of all relevant supporting documentation; and
  • An explanation of the extenuating circumstances which you believe warrant the review of the infringement notice.

It is advisable to retain a copy for your own records until the matter is resolved.


School Parking


As it is not practical for schools to provide enough parking for everyone, it is the driver’s responsibility to park their car legally and to help ease parking issues and keep the school’s students safe.

View this brochure to understand rules around school parking and help to keep our students safe.


Pay your Infringement fine here


You can pay your parking infringement fine here. You will need your infringement notice to submit your payment.


City of Belmont School Parking School Road Safety Awareness.pdf