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 Shopping Trolleys

Did you know that it is an offence to leave a shopping trolley in a public place outside of a shopping centre's car park?

Shopping trolleys represent a major investment by retailers and customers use this convenience on a daily basis. Regrettably there are those in the community who abuse shopping trolleys by removing them from the immediate area of the store or shopping centre only to abandon them on the street, in reserves or other public places.

Abandoned shopping trolleys not only pose a danger to the community but can also impact on the visual amenity of our surroundings.

Abandonment of shopping trolleys in a public place can result in the issuing of an infringement to offenders.

Be aware - shopping trolley owners have requested that the policing authorities ensure that infringement notices are issued to those that leave/abandon shopping trolleys outside the Belmont Forum car park. Please make the effort to return trolleys to the allocated trolley bays to avoid a fine.

To report an abandoned shopping trolley from Woolworths or Big W you can use the trolleytracker website.

Alternatively abandoned shopping trolleys from all City of Belmont based businesses can be reported either directly to the business or to the City of Belmont Rangers on 9477 7224.