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 Stories and Skills - Across the Generations Project

The Stories and Skills – Across the Generations Project was developed to address some of the key concerns of older City of Belmont residents, including losing social connection, having limited opportunities to meet with younger people and 
reservations about new technology. 

Part of this project involved younger people capturing the stories of their older partners. The Stories - Across the Generations book contains excerpts from the stories shared with our volunteers at weekly meetings over a three month period.

Capturing these stories has taken us on a journey of discovery regarding the similarities and differences between us all. These stories take us far north to Marble Bar in Western Australia, across the seas to Ireland and on travels across the continent and across the world. We learn of love and loss and the challenges and triumphs of living a long life. We hear of the importance of family and the value of friendships. 

A toolkit has been developed that may assist other organisations and community groups wishing to implement a similar project. Both the book of stories and toolkit can be downloaded via the links below.

Download Toolkit.


We are privileged to share the wisdom of those who have lived their lives to the full and continue to contribute to our community.

The Stories and Skills – Across the Generations Project has been implemented by the City of Belmont with funding from the Department of Communities through the Age-friendly Communities Innovation and Implementation Grants Program.
The City of Belmont expresses its thanks to the volunteers who have worked closely with the ‘storytellers’ to capture their story and share their skills.