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 Sport and Recreation Support

Sporting clubs play an important role in the local community by providing a meeting place where likeminded people can meet and partake in sport and recreation opportunities. They provide a safe and welcoming environment for participants to make friends, achieve shared sporting aspirations and experiences.

The City of Belmont is committed to providing support to the various sporting clubs and groups in the local area. The City has long been recognised for providing well maintained active playing reserves and multi-purpose facilities which our sporting clubs currently enjoy.

The City has a designated Recreation Officer who works closely with local sporting club volunteers to ensure clubs are sustainable, adaptable and well-resourced organisations that provide quality sport and recreation opportunities for the community.

Belmont Sport and Recreation Contacts

There are a wide variety of volunteer operated sporting clubs and groups currently based in the City of Belmont. If you have an interest in joining a local sporting club or group please take a look at the following list: 

City of Belmont Sporting Club Contacts

For City of Belmont enquiries please contact the Recreation Officer or  Community Wellbeing Assistant.

Belmont Club Voice Newsletter

The City of Belmont produces a quarterly newsletter for our sporting clubs and groups which include important information on upcoming workshops, events, grants and space for clubs to promote local news stories.

Newsletters are produced in January, April, July and October each year. Subscribe at Club Voice Newsletter Subscription to receive the latest copy.

Events and Workshops

The City of Belmont hosts a number of Club Development workshops providing targeted training or assistance for sporting club volunteers. Topics have included Incorporation Act changes, child protection, attracting and retaining volunteers, grant writing and inclusion training. City of Belmont clubs are encouraged to provide ideas and feedback on potential workshop topics. Sport and Recreation (WA) also host multiple Club Development workshops and events each year. Information on upcoming events can be found at the Sport and Recreation WA (Events) calendar.


KidSport makes it possible for Western Australian children to participate in community sport and recreation, no matter their financial circumstances.

KidSport allows eligible youth aged 5 - 18 years to apply for financial assistance towards club fees.

Find out more.

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Club Tools and Resources

Sporting Facilities