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 Cycling and Walking

Both walking and cycling are easy, fun and convenient in the City of Belmont. Not only do these active transport modes save you money, reduce air pollution and reduce parking problems, they are an easy way of getting your 30 minutes of physical activity each day. More than just options for recreation, walking and cycling are fantastic TravelSmart modes to get you places too.

Belmont TravelSmart Guide

The Belmont TravelSmart Guide is full of useful information on how you can get around the City on foot, by bike or on public transport.

The guide contains maps outlining the City’s shared paths, walk trails, bicycle lanes, bike parking and cycle friendly streets, as well as all the bus routes through the City. It also features all the places you might want to visit, such as parks, community facilities and shopping centres.

To download the Belmont TravelSmart guide click here. You can pick up a hard copy from the Civic Centre or Ruth Faulkner Public Library or call 9477 7163 or email and we can have one posted out to you.


Each workday over 400,000 car trips of less than one kilometre are made in Perth. Most people are able to walk this distance in just over 10 minutes. Walking as mode of transport is a great alternative to using the car for short trips. By the time you get in the car, drive to your destination and park again you will have used up a surprising amount of time. Short trips to the shops, school or around the community can easily be replaced with walking and in doing so helps you get some physical activity into your day. Try walking for a short local trip, maybe take the dog or get the kids involved and stop at the local park on the way, you might be pleasantly surprised.

A great resource for information on walking including any current events and competitions is the Department of Transport website. There are loads of maps and guides available to download which include the Belmont area and all over the Perth region.

The City of Belmont TravelSmart Guide highlights shared paths and walking trails in Belmont so that you can plan your route easily. When looking at your journey, remember the average person can walk at a speed of 5-6km per hour. 

For more information about how you can plan your walking journeys, please call 9477 7163 or email

If you are looking for recreational walking groups click here or for maps of walks in the City of Belmont Click here.

Riding a Bicycle

Cycling is increasing in popularity both as a recreational activity and as a transport mode in its own right. In addition to reducing traffic on our roads, riding a bike also improves health and fitness and is a fun and inexpensive way to get around.

Riding a bicycle for transport allows you to travel quite a distance in a relatively short amount of time. Riding at a very relaxed pace on almost any bike can have you travelling 12-15 kilometres in an hour. Whilst enjoying your journey you get a chance to take in the sights along the way. For example, imagine yourself riding along the Swan river on a glorious sunny morning on your way to work instead of sitting in traffic. It's worth giving it a try, don't you think ?

The City of Belmont TravelSmart Guide highlights safe routes, off road facilities, shared paths, cycle friendly routes and bike lanes in Belmont so that you can plan your route easily.

Another great resource for information on cycling is the Department of Transport website. There are loads of maps and guides available to download which include the Belmont area and all over the Perth region.

For more information about how you can plan your riding journeys, please call 9477 7163 or email

For information on recreational cycling groups in the City click here.

Planning your journey

When choosing a route for your walking or cycling journey, following the same route you'd use to drive isn't always the best way. Active transport can take you through some scenic shortcuts and away from heavy traffic, improving the comfort and speed of your journey.

For easy journey planning, it’s Google to the rescue! We all love Google Maps for helping us navigate when we need to drive somewhere. But did you know it can also give you walking, cycling, and public transport directions?

Just type in your start address here, where you want to go and Google Transit will figure out your journey in a flash. Simply click on the walk or bike symbol at the top of the left hand toolbar for detailed route information. Google Transit plans your cycling route along shared paths, cycle lanes and cycle friendly streets, so you don’t need to worry about ending up on the freeway by mistake. It can give you a turn by turn trip plan and even shows you where the hills are.

You will also see a list of other suggested routes - just click on the route on the left hand side of the screen and changes your journey on the map or you can also drag the route to wherever you want. Add a stop along the way, too easy!

Get the right gear

Before you jump in and go, have a think about what equipment you might need. Maybe check the weather. If you’re riding or walking, comfortable clothing and footwear and weather protection such as a raincoat, sunscreen or a hat are a good idea. If you’re riding, it’s also a good idea to check that your bike is in good working order (take it for a service if you haven’t used it in a while), carry lights if you’ll be riding in the dark, and make sure you wear a helmet. 

Think about a trial run

To avoid any unforseen hiccups and gain confidence in your new mode of transport, it can be a good idea to take a trial run. That way you can become familiar with the route, how long it will take, and whether you can make any adjustments to your plan. If not, it's a good idea to give yourself plenty of time to get there on your first try, you don't want a simple wrong turn making you late for something important. 

Bikeweek and the Belmont Bike to Work Breakfast

Bike week is the Department of Transport’s annual celebration and promotion of riding a bicycle for transport. Bikeweek has continued to grow in size and now attracts tens of thousands of cyclists to events right across WA every March.

During Bikeweek, the City of Belmont hosts the annual Belmont Bike to Work Breakfast. The breakfast is held at Goodwood Parade boat ramp, Balbuk Way, Rivervale. Ride your bike down between 6:30am and 8:30am to enjoy a free healthy breakfast, grab a spot prize and get free bike maintenance for your pedal powered transport.

Get on your bike during Bikeweek, and ride to school, work, the shops or just for fun! It’s great for your health, the environment and your hip pocket. Keep your eye on for more information on events being held all over Perth.