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On an average school day more than one in five cars on the road during the morning peak hour in Perth are involved in the school journey. This adds up to about 80 million kilometres of car travel per year for the morning trip alone. That is a lot of time spent sitting in the car when you could be doing so much more.


Why TravelSmart to School?

Encouraging children to walk, scoot, skate, cycle or use public transport to get to school is an easy and fun way to get physical activity into their day and to reduce traffic in your local community. Benefits include:

  • Less parking problems around the school
  • Children are more alert at school from physical activity
  • Children learn road safety rules and how to travel independently

  • Less carbon emissions and improved air quality
  • Health benefits for parents from increased physical activity

What is the TravelSmart to School program?

The TravelSmart to School (TSTS) program provides real solutions that have been planned and successfully implemented in other WA schools, by WA school communities. While each school is unique, all school communities have similar concerns relating to congestion, access and road safety. The TSTS program helps to reduce these issues, while establishing lifelong habits that support health and the environment.

More than 14,000 students from over 190 schools in metropolitan Perth and regional centres have already participated in the TravelSmart to School program in one way or another. If you’d like your school to join the TSTS program, contact the City’s TravelSmart Officer on 9477 7163 and have a chat. Alternatively, look over the TSTS information sheet, visit the Department of Transport website and chat with your Principal, P&C or other interested people at school. 

For more information on the TSTS program and to read about some of the great events schools all over WA undertake, go to

What’s available for my school?

As a part of the TravelSmart To School program, school’s can earn points simply by sharing their achievements with other schools in the TSTS online community. These points can be used to purchase fantastic prizes for use in raffles of giveaways. There’s a bunch of cool stuff available, like Australian Geographic vouchers, hats, bags, umbrellas, helmets, stickers, and even bicycle education lessons for the school. There’s also a tonne of great banners, signs, stencil kits and in class resources available to loan for free.

The City of Belmont has a $50 healthy breakfast grant and spot prizes for each school to if they wish to host a TravelSmart event throughout the year. 

Contact the City’s TravelSmart Officer on 9477 7163 or if your school is interested or would like more information. You can also visit the Department of Transport website for more information about Walking School Buses and other TravelSmart to School initiatives.