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 Surrey Road Bike Boulevard

The Department of Transport’s Safe Active Streets Program has identified Surrey Road
in the City of Belmont as a suitable street for an exciting new pilot project – a Bicycle Boulevard.
The project objective is to make a local street safer and more community friendly by lowering vehicle speeds and making it easier for people to ride their bikes for local trips like to school, community facilities, shops or to the local park.
Why Surrey Road for a Bike Boulevard?
  • Surrey Road is already identified as a Bicycle Friendly Route with many bike riders using it every day.
  • It has been identified in the Perth Bike Network (SE21) for many years, and already has low traffic volumes.
  • The corridor passes two schools, a college, three parks, a local centre and community centre.
  • It connects to four roads with on road bike lanes and intersects with Perth Bike Network route SE16.
  • The corridor connects the new PSP bike path along Leach Highway with bike routes to Victoria Park (via the Orrong Road pedestrian/bike bridge) and to the Swan River/Perth City (via Great Eastern Highway underpass and bike route alongside Graham Farmer Freeway).
The concept was successfully taken to the community in December of 2015 and over the past ten months the project has been progressing from concept to detailed design. City designers have been working closely with the Department of Transport and Main Roads Western Australia throughout this process.

December 2016 Update

Bike Boulevard - Tomato Lake - for comment_small.jpg

During the detailed design phase some potential safety issues have forced the project team to consider a change to the original alignment around Tomato Lake area in Kewdale. The proposed change eliminates a number of conflict points between pedestrians, bicycle users and vehicles. It connects Cohn Street to President Street via the fire break/easement on the edge of Tomato Lake Reserve. It utilises existing crossing infrastructure at the President Street roundabout and continues the remaining length of Jeffery Street.

The proposal addresses safety whilst improving access to Tomato Lake (including separating bike users ‘passing though’), eliminating a hill, as well as simplifying and shortening the route.

The City is seeking your feedback on the proposal. To find out more and to comment go to and contribute to the dicussion by 23 December, 2016.