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 Surrey Road Bike Boulevard

The Department of Transport’s Safe Active Streets Program identified Surrey Road in the City of Belmont as a suitable street for an exciting new pilot project – a Bicycle Boulevard.

The project objective is to make a local street safer and more community friendly by lowering vehicle speeds and making it easier for people to ride  their bikes for local trips like to school, community facilities, shops or to the local park.

January 2019 Update

All major infrastructure for the Bike Boulevard project between the Great Eastern Highway underpass in Rivervale and the Principal Shared Path at the end of Jeffery Street in Kewdale is now in place.

30km/h signage and large blue Safe Active Street pavement markings outlining the reduced speed and changed road environment have been installed in select locations along the corridor.

The City is just waiting for direction on some additional on-road lines and symbols which are currently pending. Promotion and activation of the corridor can formally commence once these finishing touches have been agreed to and completed.


Great Eastern Highway underpass approach 

Great Eastern Highway underpass approach was the most significant infrastructure upgrade of the whole bike boulevard project and this work has just been completed.

The approach area has been modified significantly including major retaining wall works, new wider paths, an additional set of stairs, improved lighting including 24 hour within the tunnel and all new landscaping.


Mural Artwork in the underpass

During the four month construction closure of the Great Eastern Highway underpass, the City’s Placemaking Team took the opportunity to create a contemporary mural artwork on the inside of the underpass tunnel.

The amazing underwater aquarium mural is entitled Aquavale by artist Michael Barker (Shime Arts).

The artist has successfully delivered an injection of bright colour to the underpass which helps to create a sense of place for residents, cyclists and visitors of all ages. This mural is a must see!

Major Intersections

All construction works at the major intersections have been completed.

Francisco Street, Alexander Road, Wright Street and Oats Street intersections have been modified to help slow vehicles and provide improved crossing facilities for both bicycle and pedestrian users.

Minor Intersections

All construction works at the minor intersections have been completed.

Raised plateaus have been installed to slow vehicles, increase awareness and provide additional priority for the Boulevard corridor at Newey Street, Clague Street, Campbell Street, Roberts Road and Sydenham Street in Rivervale. This is continued further south in Kewdale with Mercury Street and the Jeffery Street/Kew Street intersections.

While a roundabout has been retained in at the intersection of Fulham Street and Surrey Road, an increased roundabout radius and significantly reduced traffic lane width has reduced traffic speeds and driver awareness at this area.

Slow Points 

All construction works relating to the 21 vehicle slow points along the length of the corridor have been completed. 


Tomato Lake

All construction works relating to the 3m concrete path (including bollard lighting) linking Cohn Street through Tomato Lake, along President Street to Jeffery Street has been completed.

Bike Repair stations

Two high quality bike repair stations have been installed as part of the project. Users can undertake minor repairs and pump up tires at either end of the corridor. One unit is located at the Great Eastern Highway underpass approach and the other at the President Street end of the Tomato Lake connecting path. 


Questions can be directed to the City’s TravelSmart Officer on or 9477 7163.