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 Surrey Road Bike Boulevard

The Department of Transport’s Safe Active Streets Program has identified Surrey Road in the City of Belmont as a suitable street  for  an  exciting  new  pilot project – a Bicycle Boulevard.

The   project    objective   is   to   make  a   local  street  safer  and  more community friendly by lowering vehicle speeds and making it easier for people  to  ride  their  bikes  for   local  trips  like  to  school,  community facilities, shops or to the local park.

Why Surrey Road for a Bike Boulevard?

  • Surrey Road is already identified as a Bicycle Friendly Route with many bike riders using it every day.
  • It has been identified in the Perth Bike Network (SE21) for many years, and already has low traffic volumes.
  • The corridor passes two schools, a college, three parks, a local centre and community centre.
  • It connects to four roads with on road bike lanes and intersects with Perth Bike Network route SE16.
  • The corridor connects the new PSP bike path along Leach Highway with bike routes to Victoria Park (via the Orrong Road pedestrian/bike bridge) and to the Swan River/Perth City (via Great Eastern Highway underpass and bike route alongside Graham Farmer Freeway).

The concept was successfully taken to the community in December of 2015. City designers have been working closely with the Department of Transport and Main Roads Western Australia throughout this process, however due to the concept being new there have been challenges along the way.


June 2018 Update


Slow points and line marking

All slow points between the Great Eastern Highway and Cohn Street Kewdale have been installed. The line marking of these slow points will be undertaken by Main Roads WA progressively. Some of the large blue Bike Boulevard patches have been installed on either side of the major intersections.

Major Intersections

The construction of the Francisco Street intersection has been completed.

Alexander Road and Oats Street intersections are scheduled to be completed through the month of July 2018.

The City has been in ongoing discussions with the Carlisle Primary School in relation to the Wright Street intersection. A construction window during the October 2018 school holidays has been set aside to undertake works at intersection of Wright Street and Surrey Road.

Minor Intersections

The City is undertaking construction works at two of the minor intersections; these are Campbell Street and Roberts Road in Rivervale with work expected to start on 22 June 2018 (weather permitting). Works here will include the changing of the give way priority and the installation of a raised plateau. The same treatment is planned for the intersection of Kew Street and Jeffery Street in Kewdale which is scheduled to commence in July 2018.

Great Eastern Highway underpass approach

The Great Eastern Highway underpass approach design has been completed. The City has advertised a public tender to undertake the construction of the underpass approach. The City expects to appoint the successful contractor by the end of July 2018.

Tomato Lake

Construction of the linking path through to Tomato Lake has commenced. Clearing has been undertaken and works to install the bollard lighting has also commenced. The concrete path will be installed starting in the first week of July 2018.


Can be directed to the City’s TravelSmart Officer on or 9477 7163.

December 2017 Update

The City has commenced construction in the northern section of the bike boulevard corridor on Surrey Road between Francisco Street and the Great Eastern Highway underpass and Newey Street between Surrey Road and Orrong Road overpass. This includes five sets of one lane slow points and two raised plateaus at the intersections of Surrey Road with Newey and Clague Streets. The bike boulevard line marking and new symbols are in place for these sections.  

Feedback from local residents regarding the first two sets of slow points installed suggested that the standard design needed to be updated. The subsequent three sets of slow points were installed on Surrey Road (between Newey Street and Francisco Street) with more space between islands and a less severe angle for the vehicle to pass through. To ensure consistency and to address community concerns, the City will be reworking the first two slow points over the Christmas school holiday period. Work relating to these changes is expected to be completed by the end of January 2018.

Major intersection designs

The City has experienced some unfortunate delays in gaining the required agreement on the detailed design of the first major intersection (Francisco Street and Surrey Road). The City anticipates this approval imminently. Delays here have in turn affected scheduling for remaining sections of the corridor.  However once the Francisco Street intersection has been approved, constructed and tested by stakeholders, the others will follow in relatively quick succession.

Reduced speed limit

Once the new treatments are in place for each section the speed limit can be changed to 30km/h. The implementation of the speed change is the responsibility of Main Roads WA. The City continues to work closely with the State Government agencies on all aspects of this project.

Great Eastern Highway underpass approach

The Great Eastern Highway underpass approach upgrade is still on track with the original timing. The City has commenced the engagement of a design consultant to undertake the detailed design for this part of the project. The site is clearly constrained due to proximity of surrounding roads, level changes and lot boundaries. The road reserve also contains significant utility infrastructure which also limits options.

Tomato Lake 

The City has been in discussions with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation and has submitted the necessary applications to remove native vegetation in conflict with the Bike Boulevard connection through the reserve. The alignment is primarily along the fence line in the cleared easement/fire break and was chosen due to the limited impact on the reserve, surrounding trees and native vegetation. 


Once the necessary approvals are received, construction is expected to move forward swiftly and the City intends to complete the majority of the remaining works by mid 2018.  


Can be directed to the City’s TravelSmart officer on or 9477 7163.

December 2016 Update

Bike Boulevard - Tomato Lake - for comment_small.jpg

Change to alignment

During the early design phase some potential safety issues have forced the project team to consider a change to the original alignment around Tomato Lake area in Kewdale. The proposed change eliminates a number of conflict points between pedestrians, bicycle users and vehicles. It connects Cohn Street to President Street via the fire break/easement on the edge of Tomato Lake Reserve. It utilises existing crossing infrastructure at the President Street roundabout and continues the remaining length of Jeffery Street.