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Organisations and workplaces can really benefit from promoting TravelSmart principles. Encouraging and supporting employees and visitors to choose sustainable alternative transport options such as car pooling, walking, cycling or public transport.

Benefits of being TravelSmart at your workplace

  • Reduce fleet and parking costs
  • Enhance access for customers
  • Minimise car parking and fleet costs
  • Promote employee health and productivity
  • Assist staff recruitment and retention
  • Reduce environmental and social impact

How to become a TravelSmart Workplace

Promote staff health and wellbeing and reduce your environmental footprint by signing up your workplace to be TravelSmart. By joining the TravelSmart Workplace program your workplace can access assistance to run an awareness campaign or develop and implement a travel plan. You can read the Prospectus for more information, or joining the TravelSmart Workplace Mailing List is a great way to stay informed.

For more great (free) resources, templates and guides, visit the TravelSmart Workplace website, or contact the City’s TravelSmart Officer on 9477 7163.

TravelSmart Workplace events

e to Work Day - Workplaces can promote cycling to work by hosting a Ride to Work Day Breakfast in October. Find more details on the Ride to Work Day website.

Bikeweek - is the Department of Transport’s annual celebration and promotion of riding a bicycle for transport. Bikeweek has continued to grow in size and now attracts tens of thousands of cyclists to events right across WA every March. Check out the Cycling and Walking page for more info.

Walk Over October - is a state-wide campaign that aims to raise awareness of the health, transport, recreational and environmental benefits of regular walking. Check out the website for workplace event guides and a walking challenge to get your workplace moving.

If you would like more information about these events, more information on TravelSmart Workplace program or about creating a Travel Plan for your workplace please call 9477 7163 or email