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What is TravelSmart?

TravelSmart is about encouraging active and sustainable transport modes such as cycling, walking, carpooling and public transport. It is a voluntary travel behaviour change program that aims to support and promote these forms of transport. TravelSmart offers incentives, provides motivation and breaks down the barriers that make people reach for their car keys when they choose to travel.

Why should I TravelSmart?

With  4 out of 5 trips made by car, Perth is considered a very car dependent city. Traffic congestion is worsening as our urban population grows, putting pressure on our road network, environment, and personal lives.

While there are some trips you just can’t substitute for a bus or a bike, there are many trips in our daily lives we can easily swap with a little bit of planning. Travelling smart benefits the wider community, environment, and of course you as an individual in many ways. Small changes to travel behaviours can create:

  • Reduced pollution and greenhouse gases

  • Less traffic, noise and pollution in local streets

  • Improved health from physical activity

  • Improved personal security from passive surveillance

  • Savings in car running costs

  • Fewer road incidents and improved pedestrian/cyclist safety

  • Reduced expenditure required for roads

Thinking of becoming TravelSmart?

What could you do that you might enjoy ?

Local trips, such as going to the corner store for a few groceries or to a friend's house are easy TravelSmart options. Trips that you make every day, such as going to work or to school are good choices too. Almost everyone can identify one or two trips in their weekly schedule where they could easily swap the car for a TravelSmart mode of transport. It is the little changes we all can make to our travel choices that add up to make a big difference.

Want to fit in a workout on your way to work ? Then riding your bike to work might be for you! Like to have a chat with a colleague or friend ? Then carpooling could be the answer. Like to read? Maybe flip some pages of your new novel on the bus!

Click the links in the menu to the left to find out more about Cycling and Walking, Public Transport, Car Pooling and what is on offer for Schools and Workplaces.

Remember if you’re not sure you want to commit fully to being TravelSmart, you don’t have to. The best thing is to keep it nice and casual to start with. Why not try out one day a week, see how the routine establishes, then build it up if you can. Remember, one day per week or even a fortnight is better than none.


Can I chat to someone to find out more?

The City has a full time TravelSmart Officer who is there to support and promote active and sustainable transport. There is some great information here on our website, but if you have any questions about catching public transport, riding a bike, walking or carpooling, you can contact us on 9477 7163, or via email at

We really have loads on offer to help you travel smarter, so don’t be shy! Give us a ring or drop us a line and find out what’s available for you.