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 Your Neighbour Community Grant

The City of Belmont is eager to support local residents and groups who want to help develop a strong community atmosphere. ‘Your Neighbour’ is a mini-grant initiative (up to the value $250) with the aim of providing financial assistance for residents to hold small gatherings with their neighbours to encourage social interaction.

If you would like to register to hold a ‘Your Neighbour’ gathering, then please complete the form below. Once the application is received, a Placemaking Officer will contact you to discuss your proposal. If your application is successful, then it’s time to invite your neighbours, get to know them, take lots of photos and embrace your community spirit!

Get Started!

Any questions please get in touch with us at 


Your Neighbour Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘Your Neighbour’ about?
I’m interested in applying as part of a sporting club/ Not For Profit group - can I apply?
What if I hold the event and no one turns up or I can’t meet all the criteria?
I’ve already held a ‘Your Neighbour’ gathering and it was a success. Can I organise another event?
How long will it take for the City to assess my application?
Who can I call with a question?