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 Community Placemaking

Are you interested in what is happening in your area? Do you want to make a real difference at a grass roots level? Perhaps you’ve heard about the term 'Placemaking' and would like to know more?


What is Placemaking?

Placemaking embraces the ideas, energy and capital of local people and works with them to create places with distinct character and style.

More than just designing spaces, placemaking brings together diverse people (including professionals, local councils, residents and businesses) to improve a community’s cultural, economic, social and environmental wellbeing.

The City of Belmont's Community Placemaking Strategy 2018-2023 provides the overarching framework to support placemaking and outlines the Council's aim to create:

•    Public spaces that promote health, happiness, wellbeing and   prosperity;
•    Empowered communities and strong partnerships; and
•    Development of the City as a best practice organisation to provide strong leadership and advocacy in placemaking. 

The City of Belmont is currently supporting the following local activation groups:
These groups always welcome people with ideas and a willingness to become more involved in their local communities.
The following useful links are also a source of great community led ideas and source of information.
To find more about placemaking in the City of Belmont, please contact the City’s Placemaking team on 9477 7409 or email​
 Jupp Lane Lounge, 2017