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 Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the list of Frequently Asked Questions which may assist in answering your questions about the Council Meeting Process.

If you have any further questions, a member of our Governance Team is able to assist. Contact us on or 9477 7418.


How do I ask a Question at a Council Meeting?
When are the Agendas and Minutes published?
I can not see an Agenda for a Committee Meeting.
I can not find what I am looking for, who do I call?
How do I find historical Agendas and Minutes?
What are the different types of Meetings?
When do the Committees meet?
When are Meetings held?
Are meetings recorded?
How do the meetings work?
What behaviour is expected of me if I attend?
Where are the Council Meetings held?
I have never been to a meeting before, how do I know what to do?
What are Submissions and Deputations?