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 2018 City of Belmont Opportunity Award Winner

​The City of Belmont recently presented its prestigious Opportunity Award to a
significant stakeholder – Zenien.

The Opportunity Awards recognise the achievements of an individual, group or
organisation that has enhanced the amenity and quality of life in the City of Belmont - or assisted the City to achieve its objectives.

According to City of Belmont Mayor Cr Phil Marks, Zenien was awarded for working in partnership with the City of Belmont to achieve an outstanding safety and security system for the citizens of the City.

“Zenien has been working with the City of Belmont since October 2009. In this time this organisation has assisted the City in building a CCTV system that is one of the benchmark systems across Australia,” Mayor Marks said.

“The City’s system is so well regarded that it was the very first to be connected to the Western Australia State CCTV Strategy,” he said.

“Zenien has installed more than 370 CCTV cameras across the City of Belmont, and works collaboratively to develop innovative and cutting-edge solutions to improve safety and security within the City.

“The City’s successful relationship with this company over the past nine years has resulted in the City of Belmont possessing one of the most sophisticated CCTV systems in Australia that measurably assists WA Police in bringing perpetrators of crime to justice.”