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 New Community Safety Taskforce

The City of Belmont has created a Community Safety Taskforce with the aim of
improving community safety within the City.

The Taskforce is a strategic multi-agency partnership where members at a local level share a collective commitment to improving community safety within the City of Belmont. Members of the Taskforce include State organisations such as WA Police, Department of Communities, the University of Western Australia, the YMCA WA, as well as local stakeholders such as Belmont Forum and Belmont City College.

“The City of Belmont’s Community Perceptions Scorecards identified priorities the community would like addressed and these included safety and security,” City of Belmont Chief Executive Officer John Christie said.

“As a result of this constructive feedback, the Council requested the City to formulate an action plan to tackle the issue with the establishment of the Community Safety Taskforce the outcome,” he said.

“The Taskforce has already identified a number of issues that are affecting the community and is working with its partners to address these through positive communications and initiatives to improve the community’s perception in relation to
community safety.”

“The Taskforce is a coordinated group of leaders within the community who are working on initiatives to enhance the City of Belmont.”

“The Taskforce aims to challenge negative preconceptions about crime in the City of Belmont through the sharing of statistics, facts, information and positive initiatives undertaken by the taskforce.”

Complementary to the Community Safety Taskforce, will be the establishment of the community group called the Community Safety Alliance. 

“The Alliance will comprise elected members and community representatives who will act as the conduit to the community and play an important role in sharing statistics, facts and information and positive initiatives undertaken by the taskforce.”

“The City has also developed the Our Streets program which will encompass activities, initiatives and associated programs and will be used to engage and gain support of community members to identify major issues or themes.”