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 2017 Community Service Award Winners Announced

Five remarkable individuals who have made a significant contribution to the Belmont community were recognised by the City of Belmont on Saturday, 2 December.

The 2017 Community Service Awards were presented to Gwen Davies, Eileen Evert, Sahra Abdi, Dr Pradeep Jayasuriya and Annie Latter for their significant contributions to the community in the categories of Aged, People Who Make a Difference, Sport and Recreation.

City of Belmont Mayor Cr Phil Marks said community spirit is vital to a community to enable it to thrive and the recipients have displayed this through their hard work and dedication to serving others.

“All our recipients join the list of prestigious Community Service Award winners and they truly embody the spirit of our community. I want to thank them for serving our community and making the City of Belmont a great place for everyone to live in,” Mayor Marks said.

“Community spirit is valued highly in the City of Belmont,” he said.

The first recipient Gwen Davies was awarded for her service in the category of Aged.

“Throughout 10 years of volunteering service, Mrs Davies has shown an outstanding level of care, compassion, positivity and commitment to improving the physical, mental and emotional health of other residents of the City,” Mayor Marks said.

“A senior herself, she is well known and liked throughout the Belmont senior community and her leadership, drive and promotion of change has improved the health outcomes of many individuals in the community,” he said.

Recognised in the People Who Make a Difference category, Eileen Evert has been a volunteer at the City for 11 years and despite recently moving out of the area, has continued her commitment to serving the community.

“Her volunteer work at Harman Park Community Centre has provided invaluable support to staff as she has raised her hand to take on varied and challenging tasks with enthusiasm and drive,” Mayor Marks said.

“Her enthusiasm, new ideas and positivity motivates even the most reclusive clients to join in, empowering them and giving them a sense of belonging within the Centre’s community.”

The third award was presented to Sahra Abdi in the Community Service category. Ms Abdi was recognised for her dedication to assisting Syrian refugee families settle in Australia.

“Despite working full time, Ms Abdi dedicates her free time to engaging with local migrant communities, providing them with essential materials and bridging the gap between their needs and what settlement services provide,” Mayor Marks said.

“While her volunteering roles take her around Perth, she is a role model for our Belmont community and especially our youth, showing the difference you can make at a young age.”

The fourth recipient was Dr Pradeep Jayasuriya who was recognised in the category of People Who Make a Difference.

“Dr Pradeep is a man focused on helping medical patients in our community both physically, mentally and emotionally by providing a positive environment for them to heal,” he said.

“With a holistic view to improving patient outcomes, he started a unique art gallery within Belgravia Medical Centre two years ago with the aim to help patients relax and provide a positive environment for caregivers.”

Dr Pradeep has also spent a decade volunteering his time on the Faulkner Park Retirement Village Board of Management.

The final recipient on the night was Annie Latter who was recognised in the category of Sport and Recreation for more than 16 years of volunteering.

“In her role as Treasurer at Redcliffe Junior Football Club, she has helped children and young people to have greater opportunities to participate by organising Kidsport grants and working with families on fee payments,” he said.

“She has also gone above and beyond her role by helping to organise the canteen and managing the club uniforms, and continues to provide her services at the club despite her children no longer being a part of it for more than a decade.”

The City of Belmont’s Community Service Awards were first introduced in 1977 to acknowledge the commitment and efforts made by individuals and organisations towards developing a positive spirit within the community.