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 Letter From the Mayor

It is my pleasure to inform you about a very positive decision, relating to three significant community clubs, made unanimously by the Council at its Ordinary Council Meeting held on 27 August 2019.

During consideration of the significant financial support provided to the Belmont Sports and Recreation Club Inc. over recent years, it was identified that the City of Belmont has a requirement, under legislation, to charge rates against the properties occupied by that club, as well as the Belmont Park Tennis Club Inc. and the Ascot Kayak Club Inc.

The City provided each of the clubs with advance notice of this situation and hoped that they would come on-board in addressing this legal requirement and find a solution. All the Councillors were astounded that any rates would be charged to any community group leasing Crown land. At no stage did the Council attempt to rate any club out of existence.

Prior to any of the clubs responding to the City, Cr Steve Wolff proposed a motion for consideration in July 2019, which unfortunately had to be delayed until the August meeting of Council.

This motion (moved by Cr Wolff and seconded by Cr Powell) recommended that the City pay the cost of the rates required to be charged, resulting in no impost on any of the clubs’ finances.

The decision to cover the cost of the required rates and State’s Emergency Services Levy was carried unanimously at the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 27 August 2019.

It was fantastic to see approximately 58 club members included in the 68 members of the public gallery on the night to support Cr Wolff’s motion.

Also in accordance with the Council decision, the City’s solicitors have confirmed that the properties are rateable as considered to be the case by the City.

This decision is another significant action in the Council’s support for community groups and clubs to thrive in the City of Belmont, and I am sure that each of the clubs will continue to provide their excellent services to you and I encourage you to support them wherever possible.