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 New Refuse Collection Provider Appointed

Suez Australia has been announced as the new refuse collection provider for the City of Belmont from 1 November 2018.

The City awarded the five-year contract to Suez who has more than 40 years’ experience in the waste management industry, including municipal waste collections.

Residents can contact Suez on 9350 7182 for any questions in relation to rubbish collection.


Will my bins be serviced on different days?
There are no plans to change bin servicing days.

Will my bins be replaced?
The great majority of waste and recycling bins are currently the property of the City. Only the larger 660 litre, 1100 litre and metal bulk bins are the property of Cleanaway. These will be swapped over and replaced with Suez owned bins.

Will I still phone 9449 3344 for general information and to order bins?
No. Suez’s new contact number for any general bin enquiries and bin orders will be 9350 7182.

Will my allocation of blue and green bulk bins change? 
There are no plans to change resident’s current bulk bin allocations.

Will I be able to place the same material in my blue bulk bin as before? 
On the whole however the City will be encouraging residents not to place green waste, fridges, freezers, mattresses, bed bases and larger lounge suites in the blue bulk bins.

How will I get rid of my unwanted fridges, freezers, bed bases, mattresses and lounge suites?
The City, in partnership with Suez, will be introducing a new “on demand” pick up service. Residents will be able to place an order online or by phone in the first three weeks of every month to have these items picked up from their property in the fourth week of the month. Green bulk bins will still be available for green waste disposal. The City will be providing further information about this service in the near future.