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 Belmont Kittens Rescue Update

The City of Belmont is sad to announce that the three kittens rescued from a drain on a Belmont property yesterday are now deceased.

Of the three kittens one kitten died at the scene, a second kitten taken to the vet for treatment later died, and overnight the vet had to make a decision to euthanise the third kitten.

Residents are reminded that should people wish to adopt a cat the Cat Haven has many cats that are available to be re-homed.

Timeline of events for the kittens rescued by DFES at a property in Belmont on Tuesday 10 October 2017:

  • The City of Belmont first received a call on Sunday 8 October at 11.20am in regards to the kittens. The City’s after-hours service correctly advised the caller to contact the RSPCA. (It is usual practise for the RSPCA to assist in matters of animal welfare.)
  • On Monday 9 October the City received a call at 9.30am regarding the kittens to which the caller was advised to contact the RSPCA.
  • On Tuesday 10 October DFES contacted the City at noon requesting assistance with the rescue of kittens in a drain. The City supplied equipment and personnel to assist DFES and worked in consultation with them and the property owner in the rescue and transport for medical attention.

Under the Cat Act 2011, the City has powers to take responsibility for cats in these situations. In this case the City sought immediate veterinary care for the kittens. Once well enough the kittens would have been entered into a rehoming programme provided by the City’s dog and cat impound service provider Julies Kennels, Malaga. The City always endeavours to support the rehoming of domestic cats and dogs.