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 Community Watch Vehicles and Perth Airport

Community Watch Vehicle
The City of Belmont is aware of misinformation regarding a Council motion from 2014 circulating on other social media pages regarding its expenditure on security vehicles in Perth Airport.

The facts are:
  • The City’s third security car has been in service since 2014.
  • The cost per annum (averaged on 3 cars) to operate a Community Watch Vehicle excluding the car and equipment supplied by the City is around $380,000.
  • The car covers parts of the commercial precinct of Perth Airport, Kewdale Industrial Estate, Ascot, including Garvey Park and the Redcliffe Industrial area.
  • The Perth Airport precinct predominantly covers the commercial business area off Horrie Millar Drive and does not enter in the operational areas of Perth Airport which includes their car parks.
  • The City of Belmont does not have a car dedicated to service the airport.
  • Perth Airport has their own private and Federal Police security to manage these areas. The City’s security car is not permitted in these areas.
  • This service has proven to be and is recognised as a valuable community safety asset that has responded to and dealt with numerous incidents in all the areas mentioned over the last 5 years.

It should also be noted that Perth Airport pays about $11.5 Million in full commercial rates to the City of Belmont, and is therefore entitled to the same level of service delivery as any other ratepayer.