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 City of Belmont Values Resident's Feedback

The annual survey of residents and business owners has again shown the City of Belmont leading in a number of areas, as well as identifying community priorities. 

The 2018 Community Perceptions Scorecard shows that 74 per cent of residents are satisfied with the City as a place to live and 70 per cent are satisfied with the City as a governing organisation.

Benchmarks are calculated from the 40 local government councils participating and completing the accredited Community Perceptions Scorecard within the past two years. 

The City of Belmont set industry standards in 6 community and 5 business service areas. 

City of Belmont Chief Executive Officer John Christie said the results were valuable and positive feedback about how the community felt about the City of Belmont and identified areas for improvement. 

The survey identified priorities the community would like to see addressed. These included safety and security with residents concerned with vandalism and anti-social behaviour, along with graffiti removal services.

“It is important for the City to know how our residents and businesses feel about us. We see enormous value in obtaining feedback from the community as it provides guidance towards our strategic focus for the year ahead,” Mr Christie said.

“As result of this constructive feedback, the City is already formulating an action plan to address safety and security concerns with new and innovative, including establishing partnerships with relevant organisations of mutual interest.
”The City is grateful for the continued community participation and effort to provide valuable comments and pleased with these results.”

The City of Belmont was identified as an industry leader in 6 community areas including:

Value for money from Council rates; 
Listening to and respecting residents’ views; 
Economic development – what the City is doing to attract investors, attract and retain businesses, grow tourism and create more job opportunities; 
How Belmont town centre is being developed; 
Access to services and facilities for people with a disability
Opportunity to take part in physical activity.

The City of Belmont was identified as an industry leader in 5 business areas including:

How the business community is consulted about local issues;
How the business community is informed about what’s happening in the local area (including local issues, events, services and facilities);
Footpaths and cycle ways;
Parking in commercial areas.

Perceived strengths in the City of Belmont included bulk bins, weekly rubbish and fortnightly recycling collections, Ruth Faulkner Public Library, festivals, youth and community events.

Other priorities include streetscapes, the area’s character and identity, control of density development, traffic management, parking, playgrounds, parks and reserves and economic development. 

Conducted by market research providers Catalyse, the survey measures the community’s overall satisfaction with the City and compares the results with other participating local government authorities to calculate satisfaction ratings and industry standards. 

The City would like to thank everyone that took the time to participate in the surveys.

Download the survey results here.