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 Dogs On Leads

Dog lead
Keep your four legged friend and others around you safe.

When in a public place or park such as Garvey Park and Tomato Lake, your dog must be kept on a leash and under control at all times.

With more than 20 dog exercise areas in the City of Belmont, there are plenty of places for your pet to explore.

Remember – fines apply to those found with dogs off leash in public places. The responsibilities and laws relating to dog ownership can be found here.

Dog Exercise Areas within the City of Belmont
These areas are not set aside exclusively for dogs. As these areas are multi-purpose dogs must not be a nuisance, threat or danger to other park users.

While dogs can be exercised off lead in the designated Dog Exercise areas the following conditions apply:
  • Dogs cannot approach within 5 metres of land that has been set apart as a children’s playground;
  • Dogs cannot approach within 5 metres of the edge of playing fields being used for organised sporting or other events, as permitted by the local government, during the times of such use; and
  • Dogs must be on a lead in any car park. 
Dog Exercise Areas:
  •     Arlunya Park, Cloverdale 
  •     Belmont Oval (between the Tennis Club and Kew Street road reserve) 
  •     Brearley Avenue Reserve, Redcliffe
  •     Copley Park, Redcliffe
  •     Cracknell Park, Rivervale
  •     Epsom Avenue Park, Redcliffe
  •     Forster Park, Cloverdale
  •     Fulham Street Sump, Kewdale
  •     Harman Park, Belmont
  •     Hoskin Park, Cloverdale
  •     Jack Ring Park, Rivervale
  •     Lions Park, Rivervale
  •     McLarty Park, Cloverdale
  •     Middleton Park, Cloverdale
  •     Miles Park, Cloverdale
  •     Mozart Mews Park, Rivervale
  •     Nance Park, Kewdale
  •     Parkview Chase, Redcliffe
  •     Peachey Park, Kewdale
  •     Peet Park, Kewdale
  •     Pitman Park, Ascot
  •     Redcliffe Park, Redcliffe
  •     Selby Park, Redcliffe
  •     Wicca Park, Kewdale
  •     Wilson Park, Rivervale
Dog Prohibited Areas
Dogs are strictly prohibited from the following places:
  •     Cloverdale Sports & Recreation Centre, Cloverdale
  •     Gerry Archer Athletic Park, Cloverdale
  •     Netball Courts at Wilson Park, Rivervale