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Picture of a row of houses

 Front Fences and Dividing Fences

Front Fences

A front fence includes a wall, screen, retaining wall, or the like, abutting a street boundary or located in the front set-back area. Download the City of Belmont Front Fences Fact Sheet

Dividing Fences

A dividing fence separates land belonging to different owners. The construction of new dividing fences or repairs to existing dividing fences should be discussed between the affected parties. These discussions may become difficult because the people involved are unaware of their rights and responsibilities. The City of Belmont does not become involved in any civil issues arising from a dispute over a dividing fence.

To help property owners understand the law behind dividing fences, the Building Commission within the Department of Commerce has produced a comprehensive information booklet: Dividing Fences – Rights and Responsibilities which can be viewed from the Department of Commerce website.

If you have an issue or dispute over a dividing fence, advice can be obtained from the Citizens Advice Bureau (access to community lawyers / mediators - small fee applicable) by phone (08) 9221 5711 or from the Citizens Advice Bureau website.

Download a copy of the City of Belmont Fact Sheet: Local Laws - Fencing.