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Picture of a fire risk sign

 Bush Fires

Bush Firebreaks and Fire Control

The Bush Fire Act requires the City to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to reduce the risk of fires on property and also to prohibit open fires during periods of high risk. During the four month summer period from 1 December through to the 31 March of the following year, all properties must be kept clear of flammable material and overgrowth.

In addition, the City has Local Laws prohibiting the use of incinerators or burning on the ground in all residential areas throughout the whole year. The Local Laws seek to prevent the discharge of smoke into the atmosphere in such quantities or of such nature as to cause a nuisance. This not only prevents the risk of a fire outbreak but also improves the City’s air quality and the health of our residents.

If you have excess rubbish or garden refuse, the City provides most residential properties with four free bulk bins each year. You can order a bulk bin directly from the Suez Customer Service Centre by phoning 9350 7182. 

If you only have green waste to dispose of such as branches, tree fronds, shrubs and weeds, request a green bin as your material will be diverted from landfill and will be turned into mulch.

Incinerators in or around industrial or commercial premises are permitted, however, these require prior approval under the provisions of the Environmental Act.

Please help to keep a clean and safe environment in the City of Belmont.

Download the City of Belmont Firebreak Notice (2020-2021),​ Bush Fires Act 1954, Section 33(1)