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Picture of a Jacaranda lined street


Verge Trees

Trees provide many benefits. They are essential to our wellbeing and generally enhance our built and natural environments.

A new Street Tree Plan has recently been adopted by Council with a focus on increasing tree canopy coverage throughout the City. Whereas in the past, a nominated species of tree was allocated to particular streets within the residential tree replacement program, now the verge width will determine which species are appropriate. The verge width determines the space available for the tree canopy at maturity.

Street trees on the verge are managed by the City of Belmont. It is an offence to prune, damage or remove tree(s) located on Council property without written approval from the City.

Request to plant a street tree
Request for a street tree to be pruned
Request for a street tree to be removed
Dangerous trees on private property
Neighbouring trees
Street tree affecting proposed crossover development
Vegetation within the Swan Canning Riverpark and Development Control area
What kind of tree is my street tree?