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 Australian Citizenship

Applications to become an Australian Citizen are processed through the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). All enquiries should be directed to the DIAC by ringing 131 880 or visit their website.

Citizenship Ceremonies

When you receive an approval letter from the DIAC, your details are also sent through to the City of Belmont. We will then arrange for you to attend a ceremony and make the pledge of commitment.

Making the citizenship pledge is a formal ceremony that is conducted by the Mayor of the City of Belmont. Children under 16 years of age are not required to recite the pledge or attend the ceremony but are encouraged to do so.

The invitation will be sent by post with the details of when the ceremony will be held. The City holds regular ceremonies throughout the year and every effort is made for candidates to attend the first available ceremony. There may be a four to five month waiting list, depending on the amount of candidates that have been approved.

The ceremony starts at 5pm and concludes around 6:30pm, with refreshments served to you and your guests after the formal proceedings.

All new candidates will be required to fill out an Electoral Enrolment Form at the ceremony.

Contact Us

For any enquiries regarding citizenship ceremonies, please contact the City of Belmont on 9477 7222.