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 2017 Community and Business Perceptions Scorecards

The annual survey of residents and business owners has again shown the City of Belmont leading in a number of areas, as well as identifying community priorities.

The 2017 Community Perceptions Scorecard shows that 70 per cent of residents are satisfied with the City as a place to live and 67 per cent are satisfied with the City as a governing organisation.

In addition this year the City of Belmont also conducted a Wellbeing Scorecard.

Benchmarks are calculated from the 28 local government councils participating and completing the accredited Community Perceptions Scorecard within the past two years. The City of Belmont set industry standards in 10 community and 15 business service areas.

The City of Belmont was identified as an industry leader in 10 community areas including listening to and respecting residents’ views, feeling valued and appreciated by others, advocacy and lobbying, access to mental health information and support, opportunities to take part in physical activity, volunteer support and recognition, traffic management on local roads, bulk waste collection and Swan River maintenance and enhancements.

The City of Belmont was identified as an industry leader in 15 business areas some of which included Council’s leadership, consulting and informing the business community about local issues, economic development, tourism and job creation, road maintenance, and developing and communicating a clear vision for the area.

Conducted by market research providers Catalyse, the survey measures the community’s overall satisfaction with the City and compares the results with other participating local government authorities to calculate satisfaction ratings and industry standards.

The City would like to thank everyone that took the time to participate in the surveys.

Access The Scorecard Results Below.

Catalyse 2017 Community Perceptions Scorecard

Catalyse 2017 Business Perceptions Scorecard