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 2015 Community and Business Perceptions Surveys

The results of the annual Business and Community Perceptions Surveys are in and the City of Belmont has yet again set the benchmark in some of the most significant Local Government performance areas.

The City was identified as an industry leader in the areas of:

  • Council's leadership
  • governing organisation
  • library
  • services and facilities for youth
  • how the community is informed
  • graffiti removal
  • services and facilities for people with disabilities
  • storm water drainage and footpaths.
The 2015 Surveys show that 92 per cent of residents are satisfied with the City as a place to live and 88 per cent are satisfied with the City as a governing organisation.

Areas of improvement identified that would contribute to making the City a better place to live related to safety and security, better parking and improving waste and recycling services.

Conducted by market research providers Catalyse, the survey measures the community’s overall satisfaction with the City and compares the results with other participating local government authorities to calculate satisfaction ratings and industry standards.

2015 Community Perceptions Survey Results
2015 Business Perceptions Survey Results​