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 Consultation and Research


Community Consultation

The City has established consultation guidelines that ensure relevant groups and stakeholders are effectively consulted, prior to any decision making. It is important to us that our community and stakeholders can make appropriate contributions to the decision making process in order to meet statutory, operational, policy and strategic outcomes.

City of Belmont Consultation Policy

Belmont Connect

Belmont Connect is a meeting place for community discussion, allowing you to share your ideas with us on important issues to help us with decision making.
We want you to be involved in decisions that affect you. Belmont Connect provides a meeting place for community discussion and we look forward to talking with you.
If you live, work, visit or study in the City of Belmont, then register and share your ideas and comment on issues that interest you. Once you have registered, you can come back whenever you like to participate and post your comments on the online discussion forums.
Your privacy is protected and the discussions are moderated both externally and by Council officers who are available to help with any questions you may have.
Belmont Connect is here for you when you want it, to allow you to contribute to the growth of your community. Register here.


The City of Belmont keeps in touch with the local community by regularly conducting surveys on varying topics affecting the City.  

A major Community and Business Perceptions Survey is conducted annually; the results of which help guide us in how we interact with the community and how we go about delivering services to our customers. These results and any feedback are considered during the annual review of our Strategic Plan and strategies are put in place to address the key priority areas that have been identified by the local community and businesses.

Health and Wellbeing Profile

The City of Belmont Health and Wellbeing Profile document has been prepared by the South Metropolitan Public Health Unit (SMPHU) and aims to provide demographic and health data to assist the development of the community health and wellbeing profile.

The information in this profile will help to inform the council, the public, partners and other stakeholders about how well the local population is faring, and provide the evidence required to plan effectively for the health and wellbeing of the local community.

Health and Wellbeing Profile

Community Infrastructure Plan

Community infrastructure is a key to achieving the City of Belmont’s vision: 'The City of Belmont will be home to a diverse and harmonious community, thriving from the opportunities of our unique, riverside City.'

To prepare and plan for the needs of communities both now and into the future, the City of Belmont embarked on a comprehensive review of community infrastructure requirements in 2013. A detailed report and summary report can be found below.

Community Infrastructure Plan Report

Community Infrastructure Plan Summary