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Picture of City of Belmont Customer Service Team

 Complaints Policy

The City of Belmont recognises the right of the customer to complain when feeling dissatisfied with the service of the Council and undertakes, wherever possible, to resolve these complaints and to prevent similar complaints from occurring.

All staff appreciate that most people want:

  • To be heard
  • To be understood and taken seriously

  • To be respected
  • To be given an explanation
  • To be given an apology, where appropriate and
  • To get action or resolution as soon as possible.

All complaints are registered through our Central Records System and documented at each stage of assessment. Our Customer Service Complaints Policy outlines procedures for dealing with complaints.

The policy objective is to provide procedures to control the processing of complaints as a way of improving services to our customers, and enhance the public image of Council, ensuring that requests are acknowledged courteously and investigated efficiently and effectively.

Policy Statement

Complaints made to the City of Belmont by customers, residents and ratepayers must be handled within the following guidelines:

  • All complaints must be dealt with in accordance with the “Customer Complaint Management Procedure” as adopted and amended from time to time by the City.
  • All complaints received by the City must be recorded and documented and shall be acknowledged as soon as possible, and in any event within five normal working days.

  • All complaints will be investigated and complainants notified of the results of the investigation, within the prescribed timeframes of the “Customer Complaint Management Procedure”.

  • Where a complaint is made against a Director, the Chief Executive Officer, the Mayor or a Councillor (i.e. an Executive Complaint), it must be noted and referred for investigation as prescribed within the “Customer Complaint Management Procedure – Executive Complaint”.

  • Where a complainant is not satisfied with the outcome, an appeal against the result can be lodged with the Chief Executive Officer or the Mayor (as the case may be), or the matter can be referred to an independent authority for investigation.
  • Complaints which when assessed related to corrupt or improper conduct must be referred to the City's Human Resources Department for investigation as per any applicable legislation.