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Picture of City of Belmont Customer Service Team

 Customer Service Charter

Our commitment to customer service excellence

The City of Belmont aims not only to satisfy but to delight its customers!

To ensure we continually improve our services, the City uses a variety of research tools including surveys, community consultation and customer feedback to drive business improvements.


What you can expect from us

  • We will ensure our trained staff are friendly, reliable and focused on helping you
  •  We will ensure your enquiries are directed to the appropriate person for prompt handling
  •  We will ensure you have no need to repeat enquiries
  • We will respond to your request within 10 normal working days. If a request cannot be completed within 10 normal working days, we will notify you of the reasons why and the expected timeframes
  • We will maintain confidentiality in our dealings with you
  •  We will ensure you have access to Council related information
  •  We will ensure that the Council’s website remains up-to-date with information relevant to our community
  •  We will ensure Council buildings are well maintained, accessible and have appropriate signage.

City of Belmont values

People building relationships to work together to achieve common goals.
To focus and inspire people to achieve.
To act in an honest, professional, open and accountable manner.
To create new, innovative and alternative ways of working.
People Focus
To work safely. To communicate & consult in order to understand people’s needs

Helping us help you

Please provide us with information on what you like and what you don’t like. This will help us improve our services to you.
Please bring the appropriate paperwork and information required, to help us assist you more efficiently with your needs.
Become involved in community consultations so that we can understand and consider your opinions.
Mutual Respect
Treat our staff with courtesy and respect. Treat us how you would like to be treated.
Understand that the City of Belmont and its staff may exercise their right not to deal with you, should your behaviour and/or actions be unacceptable.

We welcome your feedback!

We welcome your suggestions and ideas for us to consider, when evaluating and reviewing our performance.
Were you happy with the service you have received? Please share your experience with us so we know what services you value.
Please provide us with your opinion, verbally or in writing, so we can improve the delivery and standard of our services.
Right of Appeal and Objection

The City is responsible for providing decisions that are at times governed by legislation. Some legislation provides opportunity for you to either Appeal or Object to the decision. If you require information on your right to Appeal or Object, please contact us for specific details.

You can provide feedback to us in a number of ways. Simply complete a customer feedback form or alternatively you might like to speak to someone directly through our Customer Service Centre on 94777 222.