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 Local Emergency Management Arrangements


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Local Emergency Management Arrangements

These Emergency Management Arrangements are structured as follows:


 The Preamble

The Preamble includes a combined message from the Mayors of the City of Belmont and the Town of Victoria Park, the aim and scope of the arrangements, document control records and a glossary of terms and acronyms.

Part One - Emergency Management Arrangements

Part One outlines the general Emergency Management Arrangements for the State of Western Australia, including the legislative requirements, Policy Statements Emergency Management Committees and State Level Emergency Management Plans (WESTPLANS). 

Part Two - Emergency Risk Management (ERM)

Part Two details the Emergency Risk Management (ERM) process including the identified hazards facing the community and the recommended treatment options for each of the identified hazards. 

Part Three - Hazard & Event Response Plans

Part Three contains a summary of Response arrangements for each of the identified Hazards facing the community.

Part Four - Combined Councils Response Arrangements

Part Four details the procedures that the City of Belmont or Town of Victoria Park will follow during an emergency event within their local government boundaries including activation procedures, the Incident Management Group (IMG) and operational systems.

Part Five - Support Plans (Evacuation, Welfare and Environmental Health)                  

Part Five details the support plans for Welfare, Evacuation and Environmental Health.

Part Six - Recovery Plan

Part Six details the Recovery Plan for the Community.

Each Part is presented separately, to avoid amending the entire document.  Contact Details are maintained on a separate database and are restricted for reasons of confidentiality.


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