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Food Safety Practices For Eggs

While eggs are a nutritional food, the Department of Health is encouraging people to handle and prepare eggs safely in the home as they can be a potential source of food poisoning. It is advisable to follow the Department of Health recommendations including:

  • Take care when buying eggs to ensure that they are undamaged, clean and within date;
  • Take care not to slash egg onto other foods, worktops or dishes, and always wash hands after touching eggs;
  • Avoid serving raw or lightly cooked eggs to young children, elderly people and pregnant women;
  • Cook eggs until both the white and yolk are solid.

For more information, visit the Department of Health website.

Approval, Registration/Notification and Food Safety Assessment Fees

All food businesses - whether of a permanent or temporary nature - are required to comply with the Food Act 2008, Food Regulations 2009 and Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

The Food Business Design, Construction and Operation Guidelines - May 2015 can be used to provide further information on the requirements.

All new food businesses and activities require approval from the City's Health Services, and for any new business or activity contact should be made with an Environmental Health Officer to discuss the matter. If you wish to proceed with seeking approval to conduct a food business, a Food Act 2008 Notification/Registration form must be completed. A $50* fee applies for notification or a $140* fee applies for registration of a food business, depending on the nature of the food business.

The Food Act 2008 Notification/Registration form is to be completed and returned to the City together with the relevant fee* and any supporting information requested (such as detailed fit out plans of the food premises). The proposed food business may require other approvals such as a planning (development) approval or a building permit and further enquiries should be made with the relevant Departments.​

Food safety assessment fees* will apply depending on the risk rating of the premises. These fees are charged annually each financial year:

  • High risk - $390*
  • Medium risk - $260*
  • Low risk - $130 *

Mobile food vendors who hol​d a valid Food Act 2008 Certificate of Registration with their 'home' local government authority don’t need to register with the City of Belmont but may still need to seek approval prior to trading within the City. It is recommended that mobile food vendors considering trading in the City discuss their proposal with an Environmental Health Officer as they may be required to obtain a Stallholder’s or Trader’s Permit.

*Due to impacts of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) the City is waiving this fee during the 2020/2021 financial year.

Food Safety Training


All food handlers need to have skills and knowledge in food safety.

The City has a voucher code for free online food safety training for food handlers and residents within the City of Belmont. An informat​ion flyer about FoodSafe is available here. 

To access the training, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Click here

  2. Select Submit (don’t worry about the price showing as $35, this will be waived later in the process) 

  3. Enter your details, then select Next

  4. Select Complete Order (don’t worry about the price showing as $35, this will be waived later in the process)

  5. Enter the billing details (no fee will be charged) then select Next: Shipping Method

  6. Beside Redeem Online Voucher, enter the discount voucher FSBELMO313 (don’t worry about the price showing as $35. Please make sure you have not copied any spaces)

  7. Select Next: Payment Details

  8. The total price of the training will change to $0.00

  9. Select Submit Order

  10. Instructions will be sent to your email address. Follow the link to access the course.

  11. Select Sign-in with Environmental Health

  12. Select Click to enter this course

  13. Select Enrol me

  14. Follow the instructions to begin and complete the course

​A printable certificate will be provided when the course is successfully completed. Please keep this certificate for your records.


Sausage Sizzles


Sausage sizzles are generally only permitted for community and charitable fund raising purposes at Bunnings, 267 Alexander Road (corner of Abernethy Road), Belmont.


Contact should be made first with Bunnings on 9373 4800 to confirm date availability. An application form (Food Act 2008 Notification/Registration form) should then be completed and submitted to the City of Belmont at least five working days prior to the proposed date of operation. The form can be hand delivered to the City's Civic Centre at 215 Wright Street Cloverdale; emailed to (subject line to read: Sausage Sizzle Application); or faxed to 9478 1473.


Sausage sizzles are required to comply with the Food Act 2008 and Food Standards Code summarised in the 'Sausage Sizzle Guidelines' and 'Minimum Standards for the Operation of a Temporary Food Stall.


Enquiries can be made with the City's Information Officers (telephone 9477 7297) during office hours or by email (subject line to read: Sausage Sizzle Enquiry).




The City's Health Services provides advice and assistance in relation to food business compliance requirements in terms of the design, fit out and equipment requirements for premises.


The Health Section also provides inspection/certificate services subject to completion of the relevant form and payment of the specified fee*. The application forms are provided below.


Section 39 Certificates (Liquor Licence Applications)


An information sheet is provided below.


For more information about Section 39 and 40 applications, please refer to the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor website.

Application for Stallholder's Permit
Application for Trader's Permit
City of Belmont FoodSafe flyer
Food Business Design, Construction and Operation Guidelines - May 2015
Food Notification Registration Form
Food Premises Fit Out Alteration Form
Food Premises Settlement Enquiry
Guidelines for Temporary Food Premises
Section 39 Certificates