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General Noise Nuisance


Please refer to our noise information sheet for details of how to deal with a noise nuisance.

Aircraft Noise

Aircraft noise can be an issue in the local community and can affect people in different ways.  Some members of the community will take it as normal and although finding it irritating at times, will generally ignore the intrusion. Others may feel adversely affected by it.
Noise from the movement of aircraft, road and rail traffic is exempt from compliance with the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997 (normally used to deal with common forms of noise nuisance) and the City of Belmont is generally unable to deal with such issues.

Airservices Australia is the organisation responsible for managing enquiries and complaints about aircraft noise, flight paths and operations. Questions/complaints regarding these matters should be forwarded directly to the Noise Complaints and Information Service (NCIS). The NCIS aims to make contact within 21 days of receiving an enquiry/complaint.

For more information about aircraft noise in your area, please visit Perth Airport's Interactive Aircraft Noise Portal.

Perth Airports Municipalities Group Inc. (PAMG)  

The City of Belmont is a member of the Perth Airports Municipalities Group Inc. (PAMG). Although this is not a public forum, the PAMG encourages input from the local community through its member councils and their nominated Councillors. The Group meets quarterly with stakeholders including Perth Airport, Airservices Australia, the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development and the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman to raise mutual awareness of the impacts of airport operations and developments on the local community and vice versa and, where possible, seek acceptable outcomes which foster the co-existence of communities and airports. Visit for more information.

Perth Airport

The PAMG also helps facilitate the Perth Airport Community Forum which has been established by Perth Airport. This forum provides the opportunity for all members of the community to speak directly with staff from Perth Airport, Airservices Australia and other agencies in attendance. These public forums are held in-line with the locations of the PAMG meetings. Visit for more information.