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Picture of waste water treatment

 Waste Water Treatment

It is important that the on-site treatment and disposal of effluent and liquid wastes is carefully managed in order to address any potential risks to human health and environmental contamination. On-site disposal of effluent and liquid waste is only permitted in locations where there is no access to sewer.

In locations where sewer is unavailable, an Application to Construct or Install an Apparatus for the Treatment of Sewage should be submitted to the City with to-scale plans and supporting documentation. The application will be assessed by the City's Environmental Health Services, and when required, the WA Department of Health.

The same application form is used for all types of systems such as septic tanks and leach drains, grey water systems, aerobic treatment units (ATUs) and wash bay waste water treatment systems.

Application forms and additional information are available from the Department of Health's website.

All properties with sewer connection available within 91 metres of the property boundary are required to connect to the sewer.

Fact Sheet - Waste Water Treatment in Areas Where Water Corporation Sewer is Unavailable