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 Waste and Bin Services

Domestic Waste Services

The removal of domestic waste is a key service provided to our community for sanitary reasons, waste minimisation and for recycling.

The City's contractor for rubbish collection is Suez, an experienced private firm with many years experience in waste management.

Rubbish and recycling information, including bin days, is available on the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council's R-Gang website. This year's Waste and Recycling Guide will soon be available to be downloaded from this site in English and in a range of community languages: Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese and Arabic.

Please contact Suez on 9350 7182 if you have any questions  in relation to rubbish collection and recycling.


Missed Bin Collections


If your domestic rubbish or recycling bin is missed (or damaged) please contact Suez on 9350 7182.

Bulk Bins


Place an order online:

Blue Bulk Bin

Green Bulk Bin

Most residential properties within the City are entitled to four free 3m3 bulk bins each financial year.

  • If you need to dispose of general household material please contact Suez and order a blue bulk bin.  Weekday blue bulk bins will, on most occasions, be delivered on Monday or Tuesday and will remain onsite for two evenings and one day.  Weekend blue bulk bins will, on most occasions, be delivered on a Wednesday or Thursday and will remain onsite over the weekend.
  • If you only have green waste such as branches, clippings and weeds, please contact Suez and order a green bulk bin. Green bulk bins will be delivered on a Friday and removed the following Friday.  Rather than going to landfill your waste will be processed into mulch which saves on disposal costs and helps the environment.

Residents of the City can order a bulk bin by contacting Suez on 9350 7182. Suez will take your order over the phone and give you an approximate waiting time. Please note the approximate waiting time is 2-4 weeks.

Residents can also swap one only of their bulk bin entitlements per year for a tip pass for a 6 x 4 trailer to the Red Hill Waste Management Facility.

Please remember:

  • Leave the bin where it has been placed by the Suez driver.
  • Keep the area clear so the Suez driver can easily remove the bin.
  • Bins delivered full will be emptied the same day.
  • If a bin needs to be emptied by the City due to misuse, the resident will be responsible for costs incurred.

On Demand Collection Service: 

Place an order online:

The City and Suez have introduced a new bulk waste on demand collection service to complement the existing bulk bin and BARB bin services.

Due to the bulky size and shape of certain types of waste it is either difficult or inappropriate (e.g. fridges and freezers due to CFCs) for them to be placed in the blue bulk bins.

As such residents can request a collection of one of each of the following item types every financial year.

These requests can be made in different months of the financial year (e.g. a bed base in August and cooker in December):-
•    1 x Fridge or freezer
•    1 x Mattress
•    1 x Bed base
•    1 x Lounge suite
•    1 x Other white good item (eg stove, washing machine)
Residents cannot swap item allocations (e.g. 3 mattresses and 2 fridges) or carry over unused allocations into the following financial year.
Collection requests will be taken by Suez in the first three weeks of each month with collections undertaken in the fourth week of the month.
Items awaiting collection should be left out in a visible location near the front of the property line but not on the verge a few days before the start of the fourth week of the month.
To book a collection call Suez on 9350 7182 (7:30am to 5pm weekdays) or email

Recycling / Red Hill Waste Management Facility


Visit the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council website to find out more about their resource recovery projects.

For all the most up to date information on recycling and to download the recycle app go to

Asbestos Handling

Asbestos is a hazardous material that needs to be handled and disposed of carefully in accordance with State legislation. Please visit the Department of Health website to obtain further information and view answers to frequently asked questions.


Asbestos and Whitegoods and Other Materials Disposal Days


The City's Health Department holds two asbestos and whitegoods disposal days each year in March and September. Motor oil, car batteries, mattresses, ensemble bed bases and plate glass can also be disposed of on these days.

The disposal days are operated from Council's Operations Centre, 180 Planet Street Carlisle, between 9am to 2pm.

Information in relation to the dates of the next disposal days is provided below when available.


Cancer Council WA and the Environmental Health Directorate of the Department of Health have launched a free online course, kNOw Asbestos In Your Home, where renovators and DIYers can learn about locating, safely handling and disposing of asbestos as well as learning more about asbestos-related diseases.

Disposal of Polystyrene (EPS - Expanded Polystyrene)


Many new products are packaged in polystyrene or EPS, which while light-weight, is bulky and difficult to dispose of in your Sulo bin.

City of Belmont residents and businesses can now take this material for disposal and recycling to CLAW Environmental at 5 Forge Street, Welshpool (rear unit), Mondays to Fridays between 7am and 3pm.

Please note that only EPS will be accepted and it must be free of all tape and stickers.

For further information, CLAW Environmental can be contacted during normal business hours on 9333 4888.

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