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The environment is considered in every decision the City of Belmont makes. By protecting and enhancing our natural environment now, we can ensure it is maintained and can be enjoyed for years to come. Belmont is a leading Council in the areas of climate protection and water management and links with various local and state-wide groups to enhance our natural environment.  

Environment and Sustainability Policy

An important element of the City of Belmont’s vision for the future is that we will enhance rather than degrade the natural environment, providing a place that the next generation will be pleased to inherit. The City is committed to protecting the natural environment, improving environmental performance and promoting and encouraging environmental ‘best practice’ by businesses and the community. 

To help guide the City in our environmental endeavours, we have adopted an Environment and Sustainability Policy.

The City has made many advances in addressing the above Policy. The City developed an Environmental Management System (EMS) in 2006, certified to the AS/NZ ISO 14001: 2015 standard. The EMS is used to develop and implement the environmental policy, set objectives and targets, manage environmental management  aspects and impacts and comply with environmental legal requirements. An environmental risk assessment has been completed and is reviewed annually, considering environmental aspects of Council activities and their potential impacts to air, land, surface water, groundwater, the community, flora and fauna.

Environment and Sustainability Strategy 

The City of Belmont Environment and Sustainability Strategy 2016-2021 was endorsed by Council on 26 July 2016. Revised annually, the Strategy is the key document directing environmental management and sustainability activities throughout the City until 30 June 2021, outlining key objectives and actions for implementation.

As part of the Environment and Sustainability Strategy, the City is involved in a wide range of programmes and initiatives, including the Waterwise Council Program, ACER (Achieving Carbon Emission Reduction) Program, Switch your thinking! Business Environmental Assessment / Light Industry Project  and a regional 'Future Proofing'  Program relating to climate change adaptation.  

Environment and Sustainability Strategy 2016-2021 (2019 revision)