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 Pre-Demolition Rodent Bait Inspection Requests


​The Building Act 2011 and Building Regulations 2012 became effective on 2 April 2012, introducing significant changes to the building approval process for Western Australia.

Buildings/structures that are proposed to be demolished will now be required to be inspected prior to the lodgement of an application for a Demolition Permit to ensure that they have been rodent baited and are not infested by rodents at the time of demolition.

To request a pre-demolition rodent bait inspection, please complete the below form and submit the form and payment to the City. The City's Environmental Health Officers will carry out an inspection. The Environmental Health Officer will then provide a letter confirming the premises has been adequately baited.

This letter can then be attached to the Demolition Permit application form.

Form - Request for Pre-Demolition Rodent Bait Inspection


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