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 Compliance Issues

If you are concerned that a development may be operating without an approval from the City, or contrary to approved plans and/or conditions of approval, in the interest of fairness and accountability, all enquiries/complaints are to be made in writing (letter, facsimile or email) to the City, including your name, address, phone/email contact and details of the matter. This information will enable the City to contact you should further information be required and to notify you of the outcome of the investigation. Please note, the more information provided in regard to the matter will assist in streamlining the investigation.

All compliance matters will be treated anonymously and the details of complainants will be held as confidential by the City. If you do not wish to leave any contact details, please note that the City will not be able to follow up the matter with you.

Written advice can be submitted using one of the following methods:


(08) 9478 1473

City of Belmont
Locked Bag 379
Cloverdale  WA  6985