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 Development Area 6 (DA6) Frequently Asked Questions


What is the alignment of the proposed Forrestfield-Airport train line?
Where will the ‘Redcliffe Station’ be located?
Construction of Forrestfield-Airport Link
When will the train station open?
Will buses connect with the train station?
What roads will buses use?
When and why was Brearley Avenue closed?
Will additional roads be opened throughout the area?
What is Development Area 6?
What is the Development Area 6 Vision Plan?
What will the planning framework comprise of?
What will the Activity Centre Plan address?
Will there be more public open space developed within Development Area 6?
Will there be public open space developed within the train statement precinct?
Will the Southern Main Drain be modified?
What types of land use will be permissible throughout the Study Area?
How will parking be managed in the Precinct?
What is the time line for the project?
When will development of individual properties commence?
What is 'Metronet' and how will it affect DA6?