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 Planning Application Types

The City's Planning Department is responsible for ensuring that development within the City complies with its Local Planning Scheme, Local Planning Policies, Residential Design Codes and other State legislation/policies. This is necessary to ensure that land uses and property developments occur in appropriate locations, are compatible with surrounding development and will not result in negative amenity impacts and overall will remain consistent with community expectations.

In most instances, planning approval is required to be obtained in order to develop land (some types of dwellings, warehouses, additions etc.), erect signage, or to change an existing land use. Some types of development do not require planning approval. For further information on the 'permitted developments' please contact the City's Planning Department.

Planning Application Types

For further information about planning application types, please click on the headings below. 

New Application for Development Approval Form

The City has a new Application for Development Approval form. The form is in line with the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015. This form is to be used instead of the MRS Form 1. The MRS Form 1 is only to be used in instances where development is proposed on or abutting land that is Reserved under the Metropolitan Region Scheme.

The Development Application Checklists have been updated to reflect this change. The Application for Extension of Time / Amendment to Development Approval has been replaced with the new Application for Development Approval.

Lodgement of Planning Applications

Please note fees must be paid in full upon lodgement with the City. Planning applications can be lodged using one of the following methods:

In Person
City of Belmont Civic Centre
215 Wright Street
Cloverdale WA 6105

By Post
City of Belmont
Locked Bag 379
Cloverdale WA 6985

Applications can be lodged online. For further details and to view the How to Guide click here.