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 Public Open Space

The existing public open space network in DA6 currently comprises of several ‘pocket parks’ surrounding the former Brearley Avenue road reserve. The draft Activity Centre Plan proposes to reconfigure the existing public open space network in the precinct, as follows:
  • The draft Activity Centres Plan identifies the following areas of public open space:

    • Public Open Space Corridor (POS 1, POS 2 and POS 3)
    • Station Plaza (POS 4)
    • Linear Woodland Green Link (POS 5)
  • The existing public open space provision will change from 3.614ha to 3.6623ha, representing an increase of 484m², and represents 8.72% of subdivisible land within the precinct.
  • The former Brearley Avenue road reserve will be transformed into the Public Open Space Corridor (POS 1, POS 2 and POS 3) linking Great Eastern Highway with Redcliffe Train Station. It will comprise a total area of 2.35ha and incorporate a realigned Southern Main Drain and passive and active recreational spaces.

  • The Station Plaza (POS 4) comprises land immediately surrounding Redcliffe Train Station and will be developed as a plaza space to encourage high levels of activity centre pedestrian use.
  • The Linear Woodland Green (POS 5) will be formed from surplus Tonkin Highway road reserve and will be designed as a linear pedestrian and cyclist link between Victoria Street North and Stanton Road, adjacent to Redcliffe Primary School.

  • The draft Activity Centre Plan recognises that there are opportunities for additional public open space within the DA6 precinct, which may include the shared use of the Redcliffe Primary School oval and land within Perth Airport estate.

Refer to the following links to find out more about the proposed public open space network.


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