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Picture of cover of annual report

 Corporate Documents

The City produces many corporate documents on a range of activities and issues. These vary from those for statutory reporting purposes such as our Budget, to our Freedom of Information Statement and our Community Services and Events Guide. There is always something interesting being published and we are pleased to make these documents accessible to the community.

Annual Reports
Aboriginal Engagement Plan
Belmont Foreshore Precinct Plan - 2014
Belmont on the Move - Integrated Movement Network Strategy
City of Belmont Annual Budget 2017-2018
City of Belmont Local Bike Plan 2013-2018
City of Belmont Reconciliation Action Plan 2015-2017
City of Belmont Urban Forest Strategy
Code of Conduct
Community Infrastructure Plan Report
Community Infrastructure Plan Summary
Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan 2012-2015
Community Services and Events Guide 2016
Corporate Business Plan 2018-2022
Delegated Authority Register 2018-2019
Design and Construction - Standard Drawings
Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2012 - 2017
Elected Member Representatives on Committees and Other Groups
Environment and Sustainability Strategy 2016-2021
Environmental Health Plan 2013 - 2016
Final Response to Panel Findings 230512
FOI Application for Access to Documents
Information Statement 2017-2018
Leadership Strategy
Leisure Arts and Lifestyle Plan 2015 - 2018
Library Heritage Plan 2013-2017
List of Origins for Street Names Road Names and Park Names
Moving Forward City of Belmont Youth Strategic Plan 2015 and Beyond
Moving Forward City of Belmont Youth Strategic Plan 2015 Executive Summary
Policy Manual
Recordkeeping Plan 2016
Rights and Obligations under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003
Strategic Community Plan 2016 - 2036
Strategic Community Plan 2016-2036 Summary (Concise)
Terms of Reference - Aboriginal Reference Committee
Terms of Reference - Age Friendly Focus Group
Terms of Reference - Cultural Diversity Focus Group
Terms of Reference - Disability Access and Inclusion Focus Group
Terms of Reference - Executive Committee
Terms of Reference - Public Art Advisory Panel
Terms of Reference - Standing Committee (Audit and Risk)
Terms of Reference - Standing Committee (Community Vision)
Terms of Reference - Standing Committee (Environmental)